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Topic: Marketing

Tips for Effective Media Relations

September 13, 2006
X Factor Consulting, LLC
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 • Media outlets are bombarded with requests. Don’t send a news piece to the same person in multiple formats (i.e. email AND fax). Don’t send the same news piece to more than one person at the same
media outlet.

• Do find out how a particular reporter, editor or director would like to receive information.

• Media relations is a two-way street. Be timely and courteous when responding to media requests. Be mindful of their deadlines.

• Publicity is an uncontrolled method of sending messages out to the public. The media has full editorial control of what is published or broadcast. Be aware of any issues that may arise.

• Spokespeople should receive media training and be briefed on messages.

• Story line-up is determined by current events and is often changed on the fly for breaking news. Consider other events/news that could prevent the media from covering your event/news (ie. Election day, holidays, etc)

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